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Today I Learned is short snippets of information that I learned during the day that do not warrant a full blog post. They serve as a note to self and hopefully could provide information to other people as well.

Jun 17, 2020 Improve Spinnaker Kubernetes Deployment Speed by disabling cache

After I added a new Kubernetes cluster to our Spinnaker instance I forgot to disable caching of manifests. This caused all deployments to take around 20 minutes. Without the cache enabled it only took 3 minutes to finish.

If you see that your deploys spends a long time in Force Cache Refresh and Wait For Manifest To Stabilize, then it might be worth you time to try this.


Jun 17, 2020 Change Default Namespace in Spinnaker

Today I had to fix a problem with Spinnaker deployments. After a Spinnaker upgrade, a new error popped up

Deploy failed: Error from server (NotFound): error when creating “STDIN”: namespaces “spinnaker” not found


Apr 22, 2020 Direct link for the State of DevOps 2019 report

Today I registered my email and phone number to download the free State of DevOps 2019 report.